Warsaw :: Gal. 54 / 118 
Warsaw, Marshal street, Mathias Taubenhaus tenement house.
Marshal street
Mathias Taubenhaus tenement house.
construction: 1897-1898, architect: Edward Goldberg
Straight Street
Norblin factory (1882).
Copper Street
Northwards view.
Marshal Street
Northwards view.
Marshal street
Wiktoryn Kosmowski tenement house (1895-1897).
Hoza Street
Backbuilding of the Federick Martens tenement house (before 1890).
Hoza Street
Westwards view.
Middle Street
Xavier Konopacki house (c. 1865), destroyed in October 2017.
Steel Street
View in the direction of the 11th November Street.
Bank Square
Southwards view.
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