Warsaw :: Gal. 63 / 117 
Warsaw, Mlynarska Street, General Workshops of Warsaw Trams (1907).
Mlynarska Street
General Workshops of Warsaw Trams (1907).
Cracow Suburb Street
Hering tenement house, Grey tenement house and Heyn tenement house.
St. Anne's Church
Inside view.
Mokotowska Street
Icek Ajzensztadt tenement house (1904).
Luck Street
Surrounding wall of the Norblin factory (1882), destroyed in october 2018.
Luck Street
Westwards view from Iron Street.
Grzybowska Street
Z. Bychowski and N. Gurwicz tenement houses.
Iron Street
Feniks Office Building (2010-2012).
Marshal Street
View from Lech Kaczynski Street in the direction of Savior Square.
Solec Street
Former salt storehouse (c. 1850).
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